Adult Care Services

Adult Care Services

Quality Care. Quality Service. Quality of Life.

Adult Care Services (ACS) is a local, private, nonprofit organization in northern Arizona. ACS is proud of its’ rich history of exceptional care serving adults 18 years and older throughout Yavapai county. Those we serve suffer from isolation, loneliness or have varying illnesses, disabilities and dementias including but not limited to Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss, stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, depression, traumatic brain injury, developmental disabilities, respiratory illnesses, Lou Gehrig’s disease and mental illnesses.

ACS’ commitment and mission is to provide Quality Care, Quality Service and Quality of Life to those we serve. As a private nonprofit our revenues are invested back into the programs we provide to further support the people receiving services as well as educating the community.


Our Culture and Philosophy of Care

One of the first qualities visitors notice about The Susan J. Rheem Adult Day Center and The Margaret T. Morris Center, is the warm, welcoming feeling they experience as soon as they walk through our front doors. There is something special about us… something that sets us apart! The difference lies in our positive organizational culture, dedicated leadership, exceptional staff and staff longevity, and our philosophy of care.

Person Centered Care

Person Centered Care

An integral aspect of our culture is Person Centered Care an internationally renowned approach to care that honors every individual’s unique personhood and focuses on respect for personal preferences and dignity. We believe that every person we serve has a right to enjoy the best possible quality of life, experience joy, happiness and most importantly, the feeling of being loved.

High Quality, Reliable Service

We recognize the importance of exceptional service to our participants, residents, family members, employees, visitors and support service partners in the community, Because every person within ACS is a partner in providing outstanding care and services, everyone who is employed within our organization is acknowledged as a Care Partner.

Reliable Service
Code of Honor

ACS “Code of Honor”

The ACS Code of Honor exemplifies our organization’s shared values and beliefs and fosters an environment in which Care Partners feel empowered, respected and appreciated so that they have the support needed to best serve our participants and residents. Our “Code of Honor” emphasizes honesty, integrity and personal accountability. Care Partners are encouraged to be solution-oriented, maintain positive attitudes and celebrate the successes of participants, residents and fellow Care Partners.

“I find all employees are very kind and attentive to patients. The nurse gives special attention to medicinal needs of patients. I thank them knowing I can leave Glenn there and not worry about him.”

Our History

  • 1982

    Susan J. Rheem, founding Director of Adult Care Services, joins forces with the Foundation for Senior Living, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, and a group of advisors to start the Prescott Senior Day Care Center.

  • 1984

    With the help of private foundations and community support, Susan assumes the Prescott Senior Day Care Center from the Foundation for Senior Living and officially forms the private nonprofit organization Adult Care Services to oversee the day center program. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor officiates the groundbreaking for the Prescott day center’s permanent location at 826 Sunset Avenue.

    Susan begins working with the Veterans Administration (VA) on the national and state levels to develop an initiative allowing veterans to receive adult day services. Through the efforts of Susan and ACS, the Prescott day center is one of the first to be chosen nationally to provide day services to veterans. The rigorous requirements set out by the VA helps ACS move to provide more comprehensive health services.

  • 1990

    Justice Sandra Day O’Connor returns to officiate at the ground breaking for the Phase II expansion of the Prescott Center.

  • 1994

    ACS receives a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Partners in Caregiving grant. Susan participates in a five-year training program developed by Dr. Burton Reifler of the Wake Forest University School of Medicine. This program educated adult day centers on how to care for people with dementia and move from a social to a healthcare model of services. This allows ACS to expand and enhance the quality of their programs, enabling them to serve a more diverse population and become a stronger, more viable organization.

  • 1997

    As Alzheimer’s disease emerges as a defined affliction, the Flinn Foundation and the State of Arizona issues an initiative to create the “Arizona Model,” selecting 16 organizations to participate in a physical building design and program created just for people with Alzheimer’s disease. ACS is the only rural organization invited to participate which gives Susan more motivation to move ahead. Planning begins, and once again, the generosity of ACS donors helps support the building of The Margaret T. Morris Center (MTMC.) To this day, MTMC remains an Arizona Model of care, now one of only two communities remaining in operation of this highly specialized program.

  • 1998

    ACS opens a second adult day center in Prescott Valley on Florentine Avenue.

  • 1999

    In conjunction with the opening of MTMC, ACS is certified by the Arizona Department of Health Services to provide assisted living Caregiver and Manager training programs. ACS also coordinates free community education sessions featuring specialists in health and aging.

  • 2003

    With the support of generous community donations, ACS builds and opens a permanent site for the Prescott Valley day center at 3407 N. Windsong Drive, Prescott Valley.

  • 2010

    ACS launches a temporary fourth program, My Care Partner Non-Medical ~ In-Home Care completing our goal of providing a “continuum of care” for the community.

  • 2011

    Sadly and unexpectedly, Susan J. Rheem passes away just a short time after she retired from ACS in 2008. ACS continues to grow under the leadership of Yvonne Napolitano who was hired by Susan in 1999. Yvonne and the many committed long-time employees continue to carry out Susan’s life’s work.

  • 2012

    ACS celebrates 30 years of service to the community and renamed the day centers in honor of Susan to The Susan J. Rheem Adult Day Center.

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